About Us

About us

“Ideant Solutions” is the Product Compliance Consulting Solution for Electronic equipment manufacturers, Telecom and Information Technology. We assist our clients with mandatory testing, certifications, registering their products with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) for smooth import transactions.
With a very simple agenda ‘Our Clients’ success is our Success’Ideant Solutions prides itself on providing cost effective solutions that reflects your business' needs, image, positioning and values.

We are a team of consultants from the Compliance Industry with burning ambition to succeed. We are very flexible in meeting our clients for the requirement to decrease the Service Level Agreement (SLA) and always provide our clients superior solutions and high level of customer satisfaction. We are not only professionals, we have treated our clients as our family with a transparent approach and flexibility so that their businesses nurture and the trust empowers between us.

Our organization being cost effective, have core business values. While assisting our clients we always follow these core values so that we can provide the best quality services without compromising on our standards.