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BIS Registration & Certification under Compulsory registration of consumer electronic goods

Bridging the gap between People-Technology-Safety, the Indian Government has taken a big leap by bringing “Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order 2012” (Requirements for Compulsory Registration), ensuring safer products to Indian consumers.

This step has also lead to bring in a common platform for both Indian & foreign manufacturers meeting Indian standards such as IS 13252, IS 616, IS 302-2-25 and IS 302-2-26. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), under Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, against the aforesaid order, has regulated 15 electronics and information technologies goods under compulsory registration scheme through Bureau of Indian Standards,(BIS) Government of India.

Under the Electronics and Information Technology Goods Order, 2012 issued by the Indian Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY), 15 electronic products are required to comply with the applicable Indian safety standards and mandatory registration before they are imported to, distributed, or sold in India.

The Order envisages manufacturers/importers/sellers/distributors of the notified goods, to conform to the specified standards and get registration number from BIS after testing from BIS recognized labs.


As a part of National Policy on Electronics (NPE), the activity of developing and mandating standards has been adopted by the Government of India with a view to provide:

Indian consumers with the right to enjoy world class goods.

Upgrade the quality of domestic products for bringing Global competitiveness.

Develop strategy to stop dumping of non-compliant goods.

For projecting a positive image internationally as a country with quality production of the Electronics & IT goods.

Wireless Approvals

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Wireless Licenses

  • Radio Paging (Captive) License
  • Maritime Mobile Station License
  • Aeronautical Mobile Station License
    • Import License
    • Import by Licensed User
    • Import by DPL holder
    • Import of De-licensed band equipments
  • Short Range UHF hand held Radio License
  • Experimental License
  • Demonstration License